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Twitter competition

I follow @Ryman on Twitter because it’s connected to #SBS and I’m always  hoping Theo Paphitos  will spot my business and let me win!!

Half way through my craft room move (see last post) @Ryman did a competition for the messiest desk and the tidiest desk. Mine was looking horrendous as usual, so I took a photo and entered the competition quickly before I could change my mind. They’ve contacted me and said I’m going to get a small prize for being the first entry!! Obviously as thrilling as that is I’m really hoping for the big prize. Will keep you posted!!!


Moving My Craft Room.

Minimalist? Certainly not! It’s not even in my vocabulary! Yet ,as I made the decision to move my craft room ,I sort of wished I was one. No chance.

So, the major effort began….and it’s not over yet.

When I first moved into my original craft room, I picked my favourite room in the house…it’s all sloping ceilings  and quaint windows and up on the attic level. Then,  I realised how impractical it was. It’s so quaint that with all my ‘stuff’ in there,  there wasn’t  room to swing a cat. (not that I have one, or would wish to swing one either.) So, I have had to drag what I need downstairs to the kitchen table and then it takes a superhuman effort to take it back (3 floors).

It got me thinking that my son, who lives nearby, doesn’t need his room. You save the children’s rooms forever in case it upsets them, don’t you?  But, he actually  helped me start moving the craft stuff yesterday into his old, enormous room. It’s so big that I could even have two more Ikea shelf units in there. There’s room for a table so I can do every thing in one room …bliss! People have been admiring the painted drawers. They came completely free from my local post office when it moved to smaller premises. Right place, right time!

If you turn up at my door, please knock VERY LOUDLY because I’ll be three floors up fripperising things!!!

It’s not finished yet, a bit of a work in progress……but from the photos you can see how bad it was, and you can see the one tidy corner I’ve created so far. Long may it last!


photo1 photo2


Can you tweet too much?

Well, probably yes, in my case! I only started with Twitter about 8 weeks ago. At first I was just following people and doing the odd tweet myself and the people started following me. Lovely. Then I went on holiday for almost four weeks. I decided to experiment with Twitter. I didn’t blog or do anything else for my business I just tweeted. A lot. On a  few days apparently I did 30 tweets! I didn’t realise that a retweet for someone else counted as a tweet. Then I read that the optimum number of tweets is 3 per day. I’ve calmed down since I came home because I’m busy with workshops, pinterest, guest blogging and magazine articles.

So, did it help my business? Well, I went from  100 plus  followers to well over 400. And within the 400 there’s quite a few magazines etc and it led to articles immediately. So, for raising your profile and opening opportunities I’d say yes it helped. I would also say I won’t ever do it to that degree again. I usually read 4 or 5 books on holiday and I read half a book. Maybe it wasn’t a very good book /maybe I was a Twitter addict!

A new workshop!

The lovely Halima Jafari and I are offering a combined workshop this year where you decorate a beautiful Christmas cake (trust me it will be GORGEOUS!) and then have lunch and do some beautiful wrapping. What a lovely way to spend a day! All the details are on the workshop page of the website.

The holidays are over!

Yes that’s right. My long, long holiday in France (4 weeks this year) is over. It was amazing to have that long…..very restful. I say restful, but I did do plenty of things.

My favourite thing to do on holiday is browse around the French markets. Somehow all their broquante stuff is just what I need to decorate my little house there. It certainly isn’t antique stuff so I’d probably describe most of it as vintage. It’s great rooting through it all, hoping to find a treasure or two. This year became the year of the vintage champagne bucket. I don’t own a vase there and thought it would be so cool to put flowers in a champagne bucket. Can’t go wrong at 5 euros!


Many of you know I’ve become an enthusiastic Tweeter. (@GiftFrippery) Please find me and follow if you’re interested in thoughts, gift wrapping, crafts and bridal craft ideas and occasional other things that take my fancy!

I’ve just Tweeted that whilst I’m on holiday I’m going to be planning my Twitter launch of Frippery Friday! I’d really value any small suggestions of things that could be featured.

Thank you in advance!

Frida Kahlo style necklace!

There’s such a heat wave at the moment it’s inspired me to make a really summery necklace. It’s very simple to make. A length of brightly coloured ribbon and a few silk flowers in bright colours. You could sew this but I used the glue gun.

1. Tie a length of ribbon on yourself to get required length for necklace. Then I hung my necklace ribbon from some kitchen cupboard knobs so it would hang correctly when worn. This gives a truer impression than when you create it flat on a table.


2.Select your flowers and choose the order based on size and colour.


3.Start by gluing / sewing the middle flower at the bottom on the ribbon and start working outwards.


4. You will find that because of the weight of the flowers the necklace will twist a bit. I glued some flowers to the back of the ribbon too. This helped to cover the ribbon and counteract the twist.


5. Keep adding flowers until you get the fullness desired.


6.Hey presto! This is flouncy enough for me. I love the colours and this will be great for summer holidays fun.


Let me know what you think and if you make one send your pictures in.