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The long awaited ‘how to’ for the fire lighters has finally been organised..I hope you haven’t been getting too chilly waiting! Here goes…

February 17, 2012
  1. Put a little bit of tumble drier lint into the base of the egg box. If you don’t have any a little piece of felt or a tiny piece of any old sweater (natural wool) will do.

2. Add a bay leaf. This can be fresh or dried.

       3. Add your other spices. I used juniper berries and cinnamon.


      4. If you want to, you can add candle wick or string to make it easier to light.


     5. I melted my wax in a glass bowl in a slow cooker.(I bought the wax from an extremely helpful lady, also called Amanda, at  The melting will take quite a while. Carefully ladle the melted wax over spices and lint etc and nestle your fir cone on the top.


     6. When the wax has set break the egg boxes carefully into individual sections by hand, and then trim any excess parts with scissors.


     7. I popped my fire lighters into a cellophane bag and trimmed it with natural raffia and a luggage tag. Onto the tag  I stamped ‘home made’. Mine are now ready to give to my friend I’m visiting this weekend.

She’s going to  LOVE them!!


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One Comment
  1. Ann Hartwck permalink

    Well done Amanda.. Will share with my sister who makes lots of fires in Colorado… sparking up the creativity.

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