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French Style Bouquet Garni

December 17, 2012

I love going to France. My particular corner is the South West in a tiny village nestled between vineyards. Most villagers grow their own fruit and vegetables on their allotments. It’s a sociable activity and brings the tiny community together in the cool of the early morning before the relentless heat of the day  begins and they retreat behind the shutters of their medieval homes.

I try and buy mostly from the local markets but, even in supermarkets the bouquet garni differ from what’s available at home. Fresh herbs in a bundle look so much more appealing than the ‘dust in a teabag’ style in supermarkets.

With this in mind, I decided to make my own. I have bay leaves, rosemary, sage, and thyme all growing in my garden so I trimmed the plants back and started creating!

First of all lay the bay leaf down (choose the biggest) and then layer the other herbs onto it. Then folding the bay leaf around the herbs bind it with string. (The string needs to be from a Kitchen shop so that it’s suitable for the job….it will eventually be going into your stock/ soup etc). I’m letting mine dry slowly on the kitchen table. I’m loving the fresh herb aroma which I’m treated to each time I walk through the kitchen!

IMG_1960                                            IMG_1962                                                                 IMG_1965



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  1. Ann Hartwick permalink

    oh, this might be good to use as a napkin ring. fresh herbs are so aromatic.

    • Oh Ann…you read my mind! I did this a few years ago. I didn’t roll it though ..I bunched it up and put a ribbon on. Such an easy idea bit SO impressive!

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