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Hostess gift!

January 2, 2013

This is such an easy little treat to make. First, gather your ingredients…spoons (I used disposable wooden ones because I’m giving them away.) Good quality chocolate (Green and Blacks in my case), shimmer sugar and popping candy.

Dip the spoons into melted chocolate, lay onto greaseproof paper, and quickly sprinkle the popping candy and shimmer sugar on top. They don’t take long to set so you need to work quickly. (You could use mini marshmallows if you have a hot chocolate loving friend.) When completely set, put six into a cellophane bag. (My bags came from Waitrose and are designed for foodie gifts)

I made wired twist ties with washi tape and wire. They matched the tags (also decorated with washi tape)

Everyone I have given these to has loved them!


P1040313.JPG         P1040316.JPG       P1040320.JPG


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  1. What a fabulous idea.. I love these.

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