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Velvet birds

January 31, 2013

Well, it has to be said, fripperies are never far from my mind. So, whilst shopping with my friend, Jane, we stumbled upon a 60% off sale. It seemed too good to be true..had to take a look. It was in a small shop called Vanilla Gifts in Bristol. The longer I stayed in there…the more I found! Dangerous! The owner was really helpful…by leaving us to it! You know what I mean, when you just want to browse and there’s some over-eager assistant…I hate that. I know the photo isn’t brilliant but I wanted to show you the purple velvet bird. (That makes it sound a bit 1970’s, doesn’t it? In fact, it’s more regal.) They were originally £5.25 (expensive!) Then marked down by 60%. I was already interested and decided to have five. The owner asked what I was planning to do with them because everytime she was at the till they sort of flew into her face…well the ribbons  moved around..the birds didn’t fly but they were suspended…and she’d  come to hate them. She did me a deal of £1.50 each if I bought them all! I’m now giving houseroom to 16 purple velvet birds. I was going to stick one onto Jane’s birthday present next week but she chose a tiny silver necklace so the bird isn’t probably going to work unless…….




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  1. These are lovely, could you do the birds in other fabrics or papers with catch kidson style prints do you think?

    • Hello there. I didn’t makes the birds myself but I’m sure if you were handy with a needle and thread you could make them from own your choice of fabric.What do I think???I think you should have a go!

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