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March 7, 2013

Gorgeous Easter/spring tutorial.
1. Have a really big omelette today! When you crack the eggs, try and keep the break nearer one end. Wash the eggs very gently. I managed by putting a little washing up liquid on my finger and swirling gently inside the egg and rinsing with warm water. Don’t try and dry them; they are fragile. Leave them to air dry. (You could eat the omelette at this point!) When they’re dry paint each of them a lovely different colour. I always have matchpots for this purpose. Leave to dry.

2. Trim the base of an egg box, I specifically bought eggs in a nice coloured box. It wouldn’t look as good with the pulpy coloured ones. Put the dry, painted eggs in, in an order which pleases you.


3. Put tiny flowers and leaves in. I used pieces from some artificial ones I had, but you could add a little water and use fresh ones. The secret is not to overfill…one flower per egg is plenty. How sweet is that???




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  1. This is adorable I would love this on my centre table for Easter family meal.

  2. Such a great idea… what a way to get ready for Easter

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