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Mother’s Day

March 10, 2013

I’ve spent a lovely morning with lovely people at the lovely Berwick Lodge in Bristol! We did a pre lunch gift wrapping workshop. It was a bit of a race to get through everything but everyone did really well and should be proud of what they achieved. The chef had baked some biscuits and brownies. They were popped into a box which we wrapped and then trimmed up with netting and a handmade rose. Each rose turned out slightly differently but all of them were gorgeous.

it was just great to see all the Mums and daughters having fun together and I’d like to do something like this again next year for Mother’s Day. Well done all of you!




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  1. oh how fun!! What a great way to spend time with mum…Such a fun way to “dress” things up and make something that pops and feels good too! So is Mothers day in England different than US? Makes me feel special as is my birthday this year!!

    • Happy belated birthday then Ann! In England children normally make cards and buy flowers. However, when they’re grown up things can become a little more sophisticated. Perhaps a meal out or different gifts. I’ve always kept it very low key in my own family. It is lovely that they remember though, and mark the occassion. The workshop was so nice. lovely to enjoy a shared activity together. One mother came with her 14 year old daughter who soon became my star pupil!!! She was so lovely.

      • Ann Hartwick permalink

        I love to make cards.. With the sentiments – it makes it truly unique to that person. … Happy Easter Amanda… hugs

  2. I really enjoyed the workshop Amanda, thank you. Learning to make the wrapping look just perfect, coupled with the tips on decorating and embellishing, will make me feel proud next time I give a gift AND the recipient will feel extra special too! I hope we can work together again soon and perhaps next time we could do a longer session to really show off your creative expertise!

    • My workshops are usually two hours or sometimes three , and as you say Jo, you can do far more in that time in a relaxed way. Let’s work together again soon.

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