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July 17, 2013

I’ve been doing a lot of writing since my daughter has gone back to Australia. Wedding fever turned into washing fever…you know how it is, sheets, towels from a million visitors. Luckily the weather has been so amazing, it’s been easier than usual to catch up. There are remnants of the wedding. Obviously all the hard work in the garden is still paying off and the bunting and tea light  tea cups on stakes still make my heart skip when I go outside.

Since I started Tweeting about 6 weeks ago I’ve been approached my quite a few people who are interested in featuring me in magazines, online blogs and possibly a new local TV station.

The latest round up are Filofax, Fab Women in Business, Guardian Small Business. Bishopston Voice, Clifton Life, County Weddings magazine will all be in September. It’s all opening up in a very exciting way.

I’ve been thinking for a few years that I would love to have a pop up shop for one day only where I would wrap one gift per person and they could make a donation to the charity of my choice. I’m interested to know what you think? Would it work?


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  1. Perhaps a pop up shop for seasonal events such as Christmas , valentines day . That would be amazing. Supporting charity and also having a gifts wrapped but in a beautiful way not the way rushed shop assistants have to do it. What a great idea!

    I would also love it if a pop up came into the office for work and we could do a donation to get a gift wrapped!

    • Holly go Lightly. Thank you so much for this excellent thought. I will consider approaching offices to see if they’d like me to go in and gift wrap for their staff. Perfect idea.

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