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Frida Kahlo style necklace!

July 22, 2013

There’s such a heat wave at the moment it’s inspired me to make a really summery necklace. It’s very simple to make. A length of brightly coloured ribbon and a few silk flowers in bright colours. You could sew this but I used the glue gun.

1. Tie a length of ribbon on yourself to get required length for necklace. Then I hung my necklace ribbon from some kitchen cupboard knobs so it would hang correctly when worn. This gives a truer impression than when you create it flat on a table.


2.Select your flowers and choose the order based on size and colour.


3.Start by gluing / sewing the middle flower at the bottom on the ribbon and start working outwards.


4. You will find that because of the weight of the flowers the necklace will twist a bit. I glued some flowers to the back of the ribbon too. This helped to cover the ribbon and counteract the twist.


5. Keep adding flowers until you get the fullness desired.


6.Hey presto! This is flouncy enough for me. I love the colours and this will be great for summer holidays fun.


Let me know what you think and if you make one send your pictures in.


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