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Can you tweet too much?

August 27, 2013

Well, probably yes, in my case! I only started with Twitter about 8 weeks ago. At first I was just following people and doing the odd tweet myself and the people started following me. Lovely. Then I went on holiday for almost four weeks. I decided to experiment with Twitter. I didn’t blog or do anything else for my business I just tweeted. A lot. On a  few days apparently I did 30 tweets! I didn’t realise that a retweet for someone else counted as a tweet. Then I read that the optimum number of tweets is 3 per day. I’ve calmed down since I came home because I’m busy with workshops, pinterest, guest blogging and magazine articles.

So, did it help my business? Well, I went from  100 plus  followers to well over 400. And within the 400 there’s quite a few magazines etc and it led to articles immediately. So, for raising your profile and opening opportunities I’d say yes it helped. I would also say I won’t ever do it to that degree again. I usually read 4 or 5 books on holiday and I read half a book. Maybe it wasn’t a very good book /maybe I was a Twitter addict!


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  1. Loving finally getting round to having a trawl through your lovely blog and this is often something I worry about!!! I think tweeting a lot if the content is important and it’s on a ‘networking’ level is great. But I never want to feel like I’m boring people!!!!!

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