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I’ve been doing a lot of writing since my daughter has gone back to Australia. Wedding fever turned into washing fever…you know how it is, sheets, towels from a million visitors. Luckily the weather has been so amazing, it’s been easier than usual to catch up. There are remnants of the wedding. Obviously all the hard work in the garden is still paying off and the bunting and tea light  tea cups on stakes still make my heart skip when I go outside.

Since I started Tweeting about 6 weeks ago I’ve been approached my quite a few people who are interested in featuring me in magazines, online blogs and possibly a new local TV station.

The latest round up are Filofax, Fab Women in Business, Guardian Small Business. Bishopston Voice, Clifton Life, County Weddings magazine will all be in September. It’s all opening up in a very exciting way.

I’ve been thinking for a few years that I would love to have a pop up shop for one day only where I would wrap one gift per person and they could make a donation to the charity of my choice. I’m interested to know what you think? Would it work?


Filming With the Amazings

I met Paul, the camera man and Laura from Boho Weddings today. You can tell from the mess on the table Laura and I had plenty to talk about and we came up with loads of colourful, fun ideas to dress the table if you’re a bride who loves boho style. Watch this space. When filming is completed we will run a introductory snippet on this blog!



Morning Post!

It’s so lovely to get surprises in the post, isn’t it? AND I did! Thank you to Cloth magazine who gave me a generous £30 voucher to spend on trimmings of the frippery type! The issue of Cloth magazine I’m in is out today!

Guardian Small Business Network.

The Guardian Small Business Network is part of The Guardian website. An article about Gift Frippery will go live on the site tomorrow. Feel free to browse

Looking forward to it!

Is it possible to start a business with £100?

Well I did, and now I’m blogging about it, not here because this is a craft blog, but here…

It’s on going!!

Edgy wedding button holes

The groom loved the idea of shot gun cartridge button holes. It was an idea I’d seen on Pinterest many moons ago. When you have a destination wedding ,fresh flowers are tricky to arrange so I used artificial roses. I pushed oasis into the empty shotgun cartridge. I wound rough twine around it which would secure it (with the aid of a pin to the suit lapel). Then I added the flower and greenery and finished it off with a smart bow.

This type of button hole was very popular with the lads!



Diy bridal bouquet

1. Using a selection of cotton lawn, linen, raw silk etc in various shades of cream and ivory I started forming flowers in my hand and then securing with some rather large stitches to anchor the shape.

bouquet 1

2.I used a kitchen whisk as the base!!! It seemed the right shape with a little pulling to round it a bit. I covered all of it in florist tape.

bouquet 2

3. I made a huge selection of the flowers and with my trusty glue gun started to secure them to the whisk. Who’d have thought!!

bouquet 3

4. Here you can see the almost completed whisk.

bouquet 4

5.I used the glue gun again to secure the satin ribbon I wound around the handle.

bouquet 5

6.Here’s a close up of the lovely sentiment ribbon I used for the final bit of trimming….it dangled down from the handle.

bouquet 6

7. And here comes the bride! My lovely daughter. She called her bouquet  ‘my whisk’ all day and she loved it.