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Gift Frippery homemade fire lighters.

February 9, 2012

It’s freezing! Snow is forecast tonight. I can’t move around very quickly to warm up because I’m on crutches ,awaiting a knee operation. Thank goodness I’m a craft lover and can entertain myself.
Anyway, I’ve just lit a real fire using the firelighters I made the other day. Wondering how I did that? Luckily it’s all been documented, so I’ll be able to share it with you. It’s very easy but you do need to collect a few things before you start…unless like me you have a mountain of ‘stuff” squirrelled away. You will need some small fir/pine cones, egg boxes and wax (old candles would do). I’ll give you a week or so to do this and then I’ll post the instructions. In the meantime, I hope you’re as warm as me!


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  1. Shelia permalink

    Looks Fantastic! Can’t wait to try this!

  2. Ann Hartwck permalink

    I will use this one too!

  3. Okay. Start gathering your bits and pieces together and watch out for the step by step instructions next week!

  4. Matt permalink

    Wow this is great. A couple of quick questions;

    1. Can they be used on a BBQ? I hate the idea of man made firelighters to cook food over.
    2. Also we host a lot of outdoors parties down under with a fire in the garden could you think of a way to combine things which would help deter the mozzies at one of our sun downers?

    Brilliant work Amanda

    • Well’re full of good questions! Yes you can use these as BBQ lighters and they’d be far more pleasant than the bought variety. You could leave them as they are but add /substitute lavender flowers, and lemon peel. Dry the lemon peel before you make them. As you’re from ‘down under’ I imagine you’ll have a plentiful supply of eucalyptus leaves..they are also a deterrent so you could use them instead of the bay leaves. If you’re are having a party and want to dress the table or garden up a bit…try decorating with pots of basil. Basil; is great for keeping the gnats away and it would make a lovely change.

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